When it comes to health safety signs posted around the home, there is hard data that the signs offer proven best results because "it reminds people of clear and present dangers." There is also a wide standing view that these important health safety signs "prevent" accidents because homes without such signs feature more cuts, scrapes and even fatalities than places having safety warning signs posted, state experts sharing views on social networking websites. In turn, there are many "common sense" sites that offer safety signs that can be easily posted in the home or work place.

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Another aspect of safety sign awareness is explained in local city council offices around the United Kingdom that have jumped onboard the safety sign bandwagon. More and more individuals and businesses in the UK now feature bright and prominent signage that "warn" people of health hazards or other precautions that are highly recommended and even mandated by British government law. The signs are "intended to save lives," states a BBC TV public service announcement (PSA) for asbestos danger signs posted in homes and other building throughout the UK where asbestos dust hazards are known.

Warning signs trending in UK

At a time when the prevention of a fire, toxic mishap or even asbestos exposure is a clear and present danger in the UK, it is good to know there is modern signage that is being used to warn people of various safety and health dangers, say citizens sharing views online. For instance, there is a trend throughout the UK today to "post and explain" any and all health hazards via signs posted inside homes and places where people work with hazardous products and tools. The signs are usually in bright yellow or red while the signs feature such words as "caution," "warning" or "danger."

Various hazards signage feature online

There is an almost endless offering of needed signs for the home and work place that warn of hazards and other dangers.

The signs on offer online include

- Safety signs that warn of chemical hazards, confined space safety, construction safety, electrical issues and flammable materials.

- Health hazard signs that remind people about asbestos, biohazards, cancer hazards, lasers in use, UV warnings and even not to wear a heart pacemaker sign.

- Everyday life warning signs that remind homeowners to be careful around machines in the garage and other workplaces while also offering personal protection when reminding people about machines, medical equipment and vehicles in use.

- Children present signs that remind adults that kids are present and that precautions need to be followed when it comes to machines or other dangerous equipment or processes being used in a home setting. While most parents view child warnings as good common sense, there has been a rash of preventable accidents that community officials say is needed as "safety reminders."

Overall, there are many health hazard safety signs being displayed and sold in the UK today because "safety" is the watchword for saving lives, time and money.